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Intoxicated man impales himself on wrought iron fence when attempting to jump it to get to his apartment (click this image to see more photos of this incident)

Sacramento, CA | A midtown man attempts to hop wrought iron fence, slips and impales his leg on spike.

A midtown couple heard a man yelling in the P/Q ally way off 18th Street in midtown. When they looked out the window, they saw a man hung up on the fence. Keith Helzer stated that he went down to help the man, then realized the man had a spike through his leg and called police. (more…)


Several Sacramento youths sited for engaging in "sideshow" exhibition activities in large bust Friday night. (click this image to see more photos)

Sacramento, CA | Over 40 “sideshow” exhibitionists get busted as officers swoop in and cancel the show.

Per SacPD, for several weeks business owners, in the industrial business area off Florin Perkins Rd and 23rd Ave, have been complaining about reckless driving in the area over night and damaged property. (more…)


CSI shoots evidence photos of perp's dog bite on the arm after being apprehended by K9. (click this image to view more photos)

Sacramento, CA | A car thief lead Sac PD on a brief pursuit. The perps bailed on foot and the driver was caught by K9 unit.

Three suspects lead Sacramento Police Officers on a brief chase early Friday morning in South Sacramento. Per police briefs “Officer observed a silver Honda on 36th Ave near Franklin. When got behind the vehicle it took off at a high rate of speed. (more…)


Man is rushed to UCD after being shot during a disturbance in South Sacramento (click this image to see more photos)

Sacramento, CA | A South Sacramento argument between subjects ends with one shot.

Per Sacramento Police Department, Thursday evening they received a call regarding a subject shot in the 7800 block of 48th Ave. “Officers arrived and located the victim. (more…)


Vehicle hits center divide then gets hit twice on Biz 80 (click image to view more photos of this incident)

Sacramento, CA | A chain reaction of collision sends multiple victims to the hospital in a Wednesday early morning crash.

At 12:30 A.M. Wednesday morning, reports came in to CHP of a vehicle that hit the median. By the time officers, firefighters and paramedics arrived, a total of three collisions had occurred.

Per CHP, initially a white Mitsubishi Monterro was traveling east bound on Business 80, just before the Fulton exit, when it collided into the center divider. Shortly after the vehicle crashed, an oncoming SUV crashed into the Monterro. Finally the Monterro was struck by a tan pickup truck. (more…)


Google Street View vehicle capturing images and data through Mojave, CA (click this image to see more photos)

Mojave, CA | Google Street view launched in 2007 and they use some cool equipment to get it done.

We have been on the road this past week between Sacramento and San Diego. Of course, Google Maps has been our navigation system all along the way. It has also been fun to drop in deeper on the mapping system into the “Street View” mode.

Coincidently, enroute back to Sacramento Monday morning, we happened upon one of the tools that helps make “Google Street View” happen. Google utilizes an array of vehicles to capture the data and images that brings Street View together. We came across this vehicle in Mojave, CA on Highway 14 coming from Palmdale.

At first glance, cruising down the road, off on the horizon you see something that just doesn’t look right about a vehicle. As you get closer you distinguish some sort of supported mast projecting a few feet above the roof-line of the car. Travel_110110_RamonaToSacramento_Mav-7.JPGWhen you finally catch up to it, you see a sphere atop the mast with holes in it. Within those holes you see cameras, that per Google Maps “provides users 360° horizontal and 290° vertical panoramic street level views”.

Google Maps states, “Google collects these images using special cameras and equipment that capture and match images to a specific location using GPS devices. Once the images are captured, they are “sewn” together to create a 360° panorama. Faces and license plates are blurred before the panorama images are served and become viewable in Google Maps.” They are even using rigged up trikes to document biking trails.

Click here to see behind the scenes of Google’s Street View>>


A man is shot and killed after a break-in and argument at Canterbury Inn (click image to see more photos of this incident)

Sacramento, CA | Police called to a disturbance at Canterbury Inn, Wednesday morning, find a man shot to death.

Early Wednesday morning, several calls came into 9-1-1 for a disturbance at Canterbury Inn in Sacramento. When police arrived, they found one man had been shot and called for paramedics, who pronounced the victim dead on the scene.

Sacramento Police Department’s spokesman, Sergeant Norm Leong, tells us that the man had apparently broke in to a neighbors apartment. At some point, a loud argument was heard and then gun fire. (more…)