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Paladin wrecks near Downtown Sacramento

Sacramento, CA | Security vehicle allegedly causes crash near Downtown Sacramento.

According to witnesses, a Paladin security guard traveling east on Richards Blvd., allegedly turned left in front of a west bound vehicle at the intersection of Richards Blvd and Vine Street Tuesday afternoon. (more…)


SacPD officers rush to aid overwhelmed SacPD security officer with unruly crowed in a 10th St. parking garage. (click this image to view additional photos)

Sacramento CA | Drunk crowds from new K Street clubs have officers calling for back up.

Early Saturday morning as Dive Bar, Pizza Rock and District 30 were shutting down, rowdy crowds developed on the first floor of the adjacent parking structure. Per radio traffic, an on site SacPD Security officer called for urgent assistance and back up. Blazing through the streets with lights and sirens sounding, (more…)